Everything is going to be fine soon.

Everything is going 
To be fine soon;
Scars will heal
And you will again bloom.

Bad times
Don't last long;
They just test you
And make you strong.

How much ever long
It will last for,
The victory
Is always going to be yours.

Almighty is forever
On your side;
All doors are closed
But look, a window is open aside.

Having faith in yourself
Is the only key,
To unlock the doors
Leaving behind pain and misery.

In all situations
Be positive;
You get just one life
To happily live.

Watch Your Step.

Hey hey!
Watch your step;
Don't get distracted,
Keep looking right and left.

Have patience,
Let the signal go green;
Hold on for a minute,
Let's learn to be serene.

Drive safely,
For just a minute can decide,
Whether you're alive or dead,
By costing you entire life.

Wear a seat belt,
To prevent jerks;
Wear a helmet,
You may fall while taking turns.

Take care while driving,
Don't drive in any mood;
Your mother is waiting,
To serve you her handmade food.

The Clock Is Ticking

Time waits for none.

The time once passed and memories once lived, NEVER come back.

Time has so much to tell, doesn’t it?

At a particular period, you are happy; at another, you are broken.

Sometimes you’re living the best of your life with the best people and sometimes you are crying alone in the corner.

Time plays different and amazing roles in our lives.

It shows us the true colors of people.

It defines our value in other’s lives.

It concludes that the decisions we had taken were right or wrong.

It teaches us to handle pain and live with it.

It gives us strength of accepting our past and moving on.

It helps us realize our mistakes and gives a chance to improve.

It gives happiness sometimes and lessons too.

It reflects whatever we do. What you give, comes back to you.

It keeps us going.

It shows bad days but gives satisfaction and realization in the end.

It makes us work on ourselves.

Time is mysterious as well.

When we are happy, time passes very quickly. While, when we are sad or disheartened or waiting eagerly, one minute seems to be long isn’t it?

So, Time has different phases.

All you have to do is wait and watch what time has got for you.

Time breaks us sometimes too but it does everything to heal us.

And so, Time Is The Best Healer.

Give time to yourself and time will showcase itself entirely to you.

A WORLD worth getting lost in.

In this world, of people having hectic schedule,

All we need is a soothing company

Which helps to relieve stress and frustration.

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All of us are struggling to lead a happy life.

Yes, happiness is quite expensive, isn’t it?

Just for a while, get lost to find peace,

In an empty world, where it’s only you.

Nobody to blame, no heartbreaks, no worries,

Just you and happiness.

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Some lyrics relate to your conditions,

Some tunes relax your soul,

Some voices touch your heart,

Some artists steal your thoughts,

And some beats get peace.

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This world will help you find and embrace yourself.

So, put your headphones on,

Grab a seat,

And get ready

To get lost in…

Image result for music


A few beautiful BONDS.

Not all bonds are meant to be broken.

Some beautiful ones are there to fulfill the word ‘forever’.

The bond includes understanding, love, faith, happiness, fights as well.

Without those few people, life would have been boring.

They add crisp to our lifestyles, making it interesting and full of joy.

Just a 5 minutes talk with them and you are satisfied.


They know you, more that you know yourself.

They are the ones who know the REAL YOU.

They may not express their love towards you but they truly do.

You feel comfortable around them.

You don’t have to think before saying something to them.

Together you can do all the crazy stuff.



You create lots of memories together, unknowingly.

You have your own talks. You share a lot of secrets.

Together, you create a family.

When you are with them, it feels like home.

Sometimes you talk about life as well.

They matter to you the most.

They are the ones on whom you can completely count on.

They are always by your side, even if the world is against you.

Your success gives them pride.

You pray for each others happiness and success.

They won’t let you fall. Even if you do, they’ll always give you a hand.

They are FRIENDS. Not all friends, but its all about those few special ones.



Don’t forget where you BELONG.

A house is made of furniture.

A HOME is made of FAMILY.

Home is not just a place, it is an EMOTION.

Home is where you return back at the end of the day.

A place where you find peace;

Where happiness is nurtured.


Feelings are expressed openly,

Problems are shared.

Stress is relieved.

A feeling of togetherness and satisfaction is felt.

Love is always revolving.

A place where beautiful memories are created and captured.


Silence is disturbing;

Success is pleasing,

Events are more exciting,

Care is convincing,

Laughter is an essential ingredient,

And fun is compulsory.


Having those best conversations at dining table.

Spending Sundays together at multiplex or gardens.

Helping grandparents.

Enjoying festivals all together.

Sibling fights getting smiling faces at the end.


And many more countless stuff, all belong to HOME.

HOME is the place where you belong,



There are millions of people in this world, all with different personalities and emotions.

Many are careless, while others care on an extreme.


So, is it wrong to care? NO,

In fact, it is something which is needed in this competitive world;

Someone who cares if you are safe, happy and successful.

Yes, these people do get hurt, quite often.


All they want is your happiness, your time and your success.

They love to hear from you everyday.

They keep waiting, sometimes get disappointed, but your one call or text can make them happy.

images (1).png

If you are facing some problem, they worry more than you may do.

When you’re in pain, all they get is sleepless nights.

They help you, motivate you, cheer you up, create a pleasant atmosphere;

And everything they can do just for your smile.

Your smile satisfies them.


That person can be your friend, parents or siblings.

You are fortunate if you have someone who cares.


The World Today

Today, there are many changes taken place in the human behavior like-

Rich people waste food. While, poor ones beg for food.

People are treated well until they are of some use and the next second, they are considered as strangers.

Youngsters and adults carry heavy loads of stress leading to wrong decisions.

People are connected more on social media than real life; more of Instagram and Snapchat rather than meeting and talking.


Everyone is busy capturing memories. Nobody is actually living those moments.

All are running a race, those who win succeed, those who lose get depressed and perform wrong actions.

Many are heartbroken.

Everyone is busy setting up their lives.

There is no family time.

Broken relationships and families.


This world, this society needs a change.

A change which will bring everyone close

A society where we respect each-other’s emotions and stand by them.

A world, where everyone is not building their lives, but enjoying them.

Where we all are under the same tree.



Keep Smiling!

SMILE – yes, it has great POWERS.

A SMILE can make someone’s day.

A SMILE can start a good friendship.

Ever seen a baby smiling? That smile reflects happiness and feels pure.


There are many reasons to smile.

SMILE, because the world is beautiful.

SMILE, because you are amazing, just the way you are.

SMILE, someone is watching your craziness from far and dreaming of having you.

SMILE, it confuses your enemies.

SMILE, it shows all your pains that you are fearless.

SMILE, it can relieve, yours and someone else’s stress, maybe your parent’s, after all they want to see you happy.

SMILE, for yourself and your loved ones

SMILE, it spreads happiness.


SMILE and be somebody’s strength, pain-reliever and happiness-donor.

A smile which reflects happiness is the most beautiful thing that you carry.


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